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Take off Running with Reviews

Books don’t succeed anymore without book reviews, but book reviews can be hard to get. Most readers simply won't take the time to leave a review, even for a book they loved. Avoid having to beg readers or badger friends to leave reviews. Instead, take advantage of our network of avid readers and reviewers. We can get you the reviews you need to get your book off to it’s best start!

We Know How To Optimize

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for Google. It’s an essential tool to be able to sell on Amazon and other major online stores. It’s a complicated process that differs between websites and search engines, and it changes all the time. We have experts that keep up to date on the latest SEO practices, and can make sure your book can rise above the rest.

We've Got the Connections

As part of the book publishing industry, we know people! We send information about your book to over 1000 book and library buyers. These are the people who decide what books get put in bookstores, read in book clubs, and bought in mass quantity. As a writer, it’s so important to get known in these circles, not just for your current book, but future books as well!

It's All About the Media

Your potential audience consists of much more than just readers. There are millions of people who listen to books in audio format and love watching them on screen. We have the ability to professionally record your audio book. We can also have your book converted to a screenplay and sent to the right film agents. Your book might be the next hot thing coming to theaters near you!

Book Marketing Plans

See which of our book marketing plans work best for you!

  • Standard

  • $1999
  • 50 Book Reviews
  • Amazon Optimization
  • 2 Promotional Videos
  • Press Release
  • Website with SEO
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  • Plus

  • $4999
  • All the Standard Features
  • PLUS
  • Book Buyer Promotion
  • Library Buyer Promotion
  • Audio Book
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  • Premium

  • $9999
  • All the Plus Features
  • PLUS
  • Converted to Screenplay
  • Submitted to Film Agents
  • -
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